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Sydney trivia company provider of trivia quiz productsComplete Trivia is a Sydney Trivia Company that organises weekly Australian Trivia Quiz Shows for Pubs and Clubs. We also write quizzes for single night events for corporate and business functions, fundraising trivia shows and private celebrations.

Trivia competitions offer prizes to the first three trivia teams with the best score. Smaller trivia prizes are won for answering spot questions. A trivia jackpot prize is offered by some clubs or bars which makes winning exciting. The trivia night runs for about two and a half hours.

Most trivia venues are pubs or clubs, but any function venue that offers a food service can benefit by running a trivia event. Many cafes, restaurants and retirement villages now offer a live trivia social night. Daytime trivia in clubs is also becoming popular for retired seniors.

What Makes Complete Trivia Quiz Nights Unique?

Invitation to apply for a weekly trivia trivia quiz competition start up in 2016 for pubs, bars and clubs

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Trivia Experience – Nearly 30 years (Since 1988)

  • Social –  helps people keep in touch with friends
  • Hosts – seasoned entertainers who inspire loyalty
  • Longevity – for venues who value regular customers
  • Support – budget, marketing, bar & diner incentives
  • 3 Quizzes – 3 fun, audience targeted quiz shows
  • Trivia – broad topic appeal to please diverse people
  • No complaints – new questions, double checked weekly

What can Trivia Players Expect from a Complete Trivia Pub Quiz?

Quiz Night Trivia TopicsTrivia night questions come from a broad range of topics. Pop culture trivia is the most popular! These topics include movie trivia, music trivia, sports trivia, television trivia, celebrities and current events. To keep the trivia competition appealing to a broad range of people, there are tougher questions with trivia from geography, science, history, arts, food and products.

There is plenty of fun trivia too! We have “Weird and Wonderful” trivia questions. There are golden oldie and current music sound clues that the host plays to you. An easy trivia feature is the “Famous Faces” picture quiz. Does your trivia provider write an original riddle every week for their players?

As a quiz provider, It is our variety of quiz night questions  that keeps different people’s brains and memories firing on all cylinders! It’s the mix that keeps it interesting.

Where Can People Play Trivia in Australia?

Complete Trivia are a Sydney trivia company but we have venues that run trivia nights in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast, Adelaide. Melbourne comes and goes but 70% of our venues have been running between 5 and 20 years.

We keep the trivia quiz venue directory on the website as up to date as possible, but a quick call to your venue of choice is best to confirm the day and time for new players. If a venue has just changed the time, it may take a few days to update on our website.

We hope you click around to explore our website while you are here. It’s true that we are advertising our services as a pub trivia provider, but we have made sure there are articles for players as well. We have tips for trivia players, even some tips on social media. Some articles are just because we love trivia facts. Its nice to just write about some interesting Australian trivia sometimes.

Do come out and play! Trivia comp’s are very good for your memory. Organise a group of friends and have some fun socialising. You could even compete against them at trivia. We have trivia for seniors, easy trivia with fun activities, and complete trivia – for everyone.