Easy Free Online Picture Editors

What fun is social media without images? They are the celebrities of the feed, they draw our attention and when they engage us, they compel us to share them. Anyone with a social media profile can use easy free online picture editors to make unique engaging images to share very easily.

With the easy free online picture editors we list below, you don’t need to watch a video to use them. You don’t need to sign up and log in to get the finished image. They are simple picture editors that enable you to upload an image, change it in some way, and download the result. Upload to facebook or other social media websites and benefit from the likes and shares with increased reach.

There are many free, easy to use picture editors online that will do basic stuff, like join two pictures, make a collage, add some text or simply crop and resize an image. Often they will only do that one thing on the website. There are also more complex free online image editors which we list toward the end of the article.

For people who do a lot of editing there are many complex programs available, like Photoshop ( which we often use ourselves) and the cost is fine because we use them frequently. For only a few images, they just aren’t worth it. So use these free tools.

Here is a list of our ten favourite easy free online picture editors.

1. Pablo
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Chinese proverb. We used Pablo as an example in our main picture above, because it adds text so easily. Its as fast to add text to a picture and get a great result, as it is to open photoshop. No need to sign up, no problem getting the finished image, no ads.  Just a perfect simple tool that makes shareable images easy. The only issue is it may make a large image and you may need to resize it.

This image is from Pablo, using one of their images and one of their quotes. I added our logo and moved the text around. it took me less than five minutes. Image size was 1024×552 perfect for social media like Facebook and Twitter. Not so good for websites, so I resized for a smaller image here.  I also made a portrait version at the same time, which is a better format for Pinterest and GooglePlus. Ever wanted to just put your logo on a picture? Pablo makes it easy to protect and brand your images by easily overlaying your logo, url or watermark on the original image.

Free image of a water baby cropped and resized using Canva2. Canva is best for cropping and resizing

Canva is a multi-function picture editor, but we think its the easiest free online image editor to use for cropping and resizing pictures.

You make sure it is free, and you don’t need to register, by carefully watching the options. From the home page, go to the bottom menu and click photo editor. Upload your photo. My example was 2000px tall when I started. First I used Canva to crop it, to just use the centre part of the image, which left it 1000px tall. Then I used resize to make it only 300px wide.

Finally look for the button to download the image. Although Canva is designed to ask you to sign up, log in and share to social media – you don’t have to, if you don’t want to. Online picture editors may be worth paying for, but do so by choice.


Owl Babies3. Lunapic
Lunapic is a multi-function editor, but one cool function is to blend two images together as an overlap. So rather than have two images side by side with a white line or edge separating them, the image edges are blended together to make the two images look more like one image. This was my first try. It blended well, the mother owl face is clear, but the images should have been the same height, or it will need cropping.

An image showing before and after effect of cartoonising a picture of an Australian flower called Kangaroo's Paw 4. Pho.to  Can Make a Cartoon Image
Photo has lots of effects to try out and its very easy to use. I took an image of Kangaroo Paw, cartoonised and downloaded it. Then I used photojoiner (below) to put the two images side by side for you to see.

5. PhotoJoiner
Sometimes you want to join two pictures together – either side by side, or one on top of the other. Photo joiner does just that – joins up to three images together in a horizontal or vertical row.


Trivia asks questions about flora and fauna in Australia6. Combine Images
Have you seen those “four images in a box” pictures on facebook, with text. Combine Image does that. Just beware of the ad on the side – don’t click its START button by mistake, or you’ll have to start again. Sigh… Otherwise it is quite easy to use.

It can combine up to 4 images and allows you to add four separate text areas. It’s easier if you have 4 images the same size. You can add padding and a border, (put a 3 in these boxes and see it change), and you can use the colour picker to change font colour etc. When complete, right click, download and save as, or just share the image on facebook.

7. PhotoGallery
Want to combine more than 4 pictures? PhotoGallery will combine multiple images into one.

8. PhotoStitch
Ever seen a fabulous view you had to take 5 or six photos of, just to get the whole horizon in?  Then you sat down with the prints and stuck them on a card to make a panorama? This site will let you upload the images and it will digitally examine them and then stitch the images together like magic.  Awesome. It’s part of the multi function image editor Fotor – see the multi function editors below.

9. Pizap
At the top of your facebook, near your profile picture, there is a place for a header picture, called a cover. Pizap helps you make social media covers for facebook and other social media sites. Covers can be complex, areas of the design get covered when you view on different devices, but this might help you make a simple cover, even if only by making it the right size.

10. SmallPDF
This isn’t an image editor as such, but it’s a very useful tool when you have to send an image via email to other people. SmallPDF converts images to pdfs. Compressing images to a PDF makes their size so much easier to email, without reducing the image pixel size and thereby decreasing the image quality.

Who should use an online photo editor to make Pictures?


Anyone who wants to make just a few pictures. For example…

Often a trivia venue would like to put their venue name and address on a venue picture, with a day and time when trivia starts. Maybe they’d also like to share a picture of the week’s trivia team winners. They’d like to include the trivia team’s name and the date they won on the picture.

This is great free advertising for a pub trivia competition. It also gives the winning team their “15 minutes” of fame due.  It’s a big deal for a trivia team to win the weekly comp. They deserve some recognition!

It’s a buzz for them to see their picture come up on a page they have liked. Then if they get tagged, they can easily share it to their own page, show their friends, and in doing so help your venue page to become more popular.

Trivia players might want to make a “meme”. That is, add a bit of funny text to a funny photo, and post it on facebook. They might like to show a photo of something they created, but want a logo on it. People can use these easy online photo editors to enhance a mobile phone picture they took. Or they could add a “Happy Birthday” text message to a picture of a family member, and share that on facebook.

Easy Free Online Picture Editors With Multiple Functions

People think image editing is complex and difficult, that you need an expensive program to make something good. It’s not true. Complex tools do complex jobs, but these days, you don’t need photoshop to make a really good image.  You just need a good image,  and a simple editor,  like the ones below. Most of these websites are free, at least for basic use, and very easy to use. There is no need to spend hours watching a video tutorial or searching Google to work out how to do things.

If you want a more complex image editor with multiple functions, there are many free easy online photo editors to choose from. I listed some below, in no particular order. Some of these have a “Pro” version, that is, they require you to pay for to use more advanced functions. Often however, the free functions are enough for most people.

These easy free online picture editors will help you to crop, resize, change from png to jpg, filter colours, add borders, use speech bubbles & stickers, use special fonts, etc.

Free easy online picture editor

Lastly as well as these, there are online apps and programs that do more advanced image editing. To find and learn about what else you can do, we really liked Buffer’s article 23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social Media – it’s how we found Pablo!

Our advice is to make the simplest image change you can first, and get straight to downloading the finished picture. That way you know whether or not you will need to create an account to get the image. Nothing worse than spending half an hour making an image, getting it just right, and THEN finding out they want you to spend money in order to get it, or you can only share it. Especially if the site also limits how long your image is cached (stays there) until you get organised. I don’t think the sites above will waste your time that way, but I haven’t checked them all.

Everyone will have a favourite free online picture editor, one they feel is easier to use, or doesn’t make you jump through hoops to get the picture you created. Comments from real users help other readers decide which online editors are easier to use.

Please let us know in comments if you have a problem with any of these online image editors. If you have a favourite easy to use online picture editor and want to share  – please give us some tips about it in the comments area. We’re all learning all the time.  The best advice comes from people who’ve had good experiences with programs like these and are happy to share what they have learned.

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