Complete Trivia Host – Ian Francis

Ian FrancisIan Francis is Complete Trivia’s quiz writer. He has also hosted many trivia quiz comps over the years, and acts as a fill in host occasionally.

He is also a fantastic singer and guitarist with the Ian Francis Band.

Prizes To Be Won Playing Trivia

Trivia is always a fun night with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes awarded and often vouchers to be used in the club as spot prizes for “Who am I?” questions and “What Year….?” questions.

A Jackpot trivia prize is available in some venues when questions are asked until a team finally wins it.

Many of our trivia shows have been running for over ten years and generally attract large teams and an average of 70 people who enjoy the great food and the social atmosphere the trivia comp creates.

Ian Francis acts as a host in Sydney on occasions.


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