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Australian Trivia About People, Places, Media, History & Current Events in Australia

Australia Trivia – People, Places, Media, History & Current Events in Australia

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Trivia questions can be asked about any topic under the sun, but great trivia questions are written with a specific audience in mind. Our quiz audiences (see map) are mostly in the eastern states of Australia.

So Australia trivia questions, Australian current events and history, and Awards for achievement in all fields, feature in a large percentage of our Australian trivia quizzes.

The people who come to our pub quiz nights live here in Australia and lived its history. They watch news about current events, the greater percentage of which took place in Australia. They want to know about Australian people and interests.

Australian Sports Trivia

Australians follow the achievements of Australian Sportsmen and women in their preferred Sports. Especially so, when the competitions are World events. We identify with and follow our “Aussies” and wish them to do well. Australian sports trivia is a very popular topic as different Sports competitions run all year long. Many Australian Sports people are inducted in various Sporting Halls of Fame.

australia trivia sporting fans

Australian Soccer fans sporting the green and gold and the Australian Flag

A true Sports fan is also interested in outstanding Sports persons from all countries, and much of our migrant community will be very interested in Sports persons from their native countries. Everyone however, even non-sports fans, are aware of what our Aussie Sports personalities are up to, from daily conversations with family, friends, and work mates who have been watching TV news reports.

Australian Arts Trivia

Television, Music and Movie trivia is dominated by bands and musicians, TV programs and films from the USA. Even so, we still have a big history of home grown Australian artists, to get Australian movie, music and tv trivia questions from. Who competed and who won in various Australian reality shows like The Block, MKR, and Dancing with the Stars.  Who won awards like Logies, Arias and Aactas.

Australian actors and bands may go to work overseas but they remain Aussies. We also have plenty of other Australian personalities to remember, like news reporters, presenters, comedians and radio hosts. The Mo Awards recognise achievements in live entertainment in Australia.

We have awards for artarchitects , fashion designers,and many other craftspeople who create artworks from a unique Australian viewpoint. Many well known writers  win Australian Literary Awards.  The Walkly Awards is for journalism and The Awgie awards are for screenwriters.

Australian People & Culture Trivia

Australian politics, business and merchandise is unique to Australia. We have science and engineering awards for our scientists, who are World Class. Many inventions and innovations have been patented to Australian inventors.  In day to day life we encounter many other unique Australian items, our stamps and coins, our constitution and government infrastructure, our festivals and holidays.

The Australian of the Year awards honour people from all walks of life. We have people known as Australian Living Treasures  and Australian award winners in overseas award ceremonies are plentiful.

We have Aussie ways of expressing ourselves, with Australian slang . We have traditional Australian recipes  and Modern Australian recipes which epitomise our unique foods. We have Australian brands like Hills Hoist, Holden, Ugh Boots, Billabong, Rosella, and Telecom.

Australia Trivia – The Continent, Animals, Birds, Cities & Outback

australian animals

Unique Australian natives

We are a big country with a relatively small population, clustered mostly around the Australian coast. Our deserts and rainforests, our beautiful golden beaches, the sage green bush and the deep red outback. The Australian aboriginal people’s sacred ground “Uluru”, and the iconic “Sydney Opera House” are two of many attractions, international visitors come to see.

Our country has many unique geographic features, and much of our flora and fauna are unique to Australia. We have extreme weather – cyclones and bushfires, snowfields, heatwaves and floods.

Australian trivia is all around us. We are a social and multi-cultural people who love to get together and relax, to sit and chat with friends and family. Our Australian pub trivia quiz is a way to make that easy for people to do on a regular basis. Get out of the house, away from the TV, and enjoy a reminder of what a rich heritage we have and what a lucky country we live in with Australia trivia.