Australian Trivia Pinboard On Pinterest

This is our Australian Trivia pinboard on Pinterest, with images of Australian places, sports, products, history, movie, tv and music and videos. Pinterest is a social media website that curates pictures and videos with a link to the website where the picture in the article came from.

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You need to join Pinterest to join in (you can use your Facebook or Twitter login). As a member you see all the images on boards that other people create and can “pin” these, (or any other image from a website) to a “pinboard” you create yourself.

This is not only a lot of fun, it gives you permanent access to the articles, images and videos that you liked about Australia. You can watch the videos many times and know the articles you liked are in easy reach on your pinboard! Follow our Australian Trivia pinboard to see all the weird and wonderful Australian trivia facts we shared. “Re-pin” the images you like to start your own Pinboards. It’s addictive and fun!