Frequently Asked Questions About Organising A Pub Trivia Quiz

Which Day (or Evening) is Best to Run A Trivia Pub Quiz?

which day pub triviaMonday to Wednesday are the usual trivia quiz day of the week choices. Thursday and Sunday are also chosen.

Daytime trivia competitions may be well attended on Friday or Sunday, but Saturday is rarely a good choice for daytime or evening competitions.

Day or Evening for the trivia quiz?

It depends on your target audience. Some venues run both a day trivia show and a night trivia show, often on different days. Trivia night competitions draw people who work. Trivia day competitions draw seniors who are retired, or people looking for daytime social entertainment. Memory Lane Trivia is the perfect daytime trivia show for seniors. Complete Trivia and Quizwiz are more often run as local evening competitions.

What Time Should the Pub Quiz Start?

Tacos & Trivia - Plum Tucker CafeThe quiz takes two, to two and a half hours to complete. So your start time needs to allow players time to arrive, meet their team mates, get a table and answer sheet, and have a meal before, during or after the show.

Generally speaking 8.30 pm at night is the latest starting time you should pick in the evening and the earliest starting time is 10.00 am.

Most evening venues start their trivia quiz at or between 7.00pm – 8.00pm. Players will come early and get a meal at the venue before the quiz starts. Some evening comps start earlier, say at 6.00 pm, so their players wil stay and eat later. Players also sometimes eat and have drinks or coffee during the quiz in some venues.

The pub, club, bar or restaurant generally work out their timing with their chefs or kitchen staff, as the main reason for the venue to offer free trivia quiz entertainment is to bring people in to their restaurant, bistro and bar so they purchase food and drinks. Trivia prizes are often vouchers that encourage repeat business.

Most daytime trivia quiz venues do a 2.00 pm “after lunch” quiz start. Some do a 10-10.30 am start before lunch.  Some start at midday and include lunch.  Some venues offer morning or afternoon coffee and cake, and include the snack in the cost of entry to a trivia quiz competition. Some venues advertise “food and trivia” like this clever image of  “Tacos & Trivia” at Qslds Plum Tucker Cafe.