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If you have a QR code reader app on your phone you can snap a picture of the QR code to download the app. If you don’t, a click or tap on a picture should do the same, (and get a QR reader included). trivia app for iphonecomplete trivia app for android

Get the Complete Trivia APP

Yes we have a trivia app! We’re so proud of it. It’s just a baby at the moment but like all newborns we expect it to grow and become more useful and fun. When it’s a bit older we hope to use it to send out some fun trivia games and competitions to players.Flyer-App

For now it’s mostly a sleepy “mini website” trivia app to help venues to access Complete Trivias information, social media and contact details instantly.  You can tap in the trivia app and call us instantly. Useful for venues and event planners who use trivia quizzes.

What does our trivia app have to offer venues?

  • The App will introduce you to our products and trivia events
  • It keeps both venues and trivia players in touch with our news
  • It provides fast access to Complete Trivia social media pages
  • It allows you to call us at any stage in the future if you need a quiz

trivia appThe App isn’t large, so it won’t take up much room on your phone or tablet.  There is a mini website with articles about specific products and services. We invite you to download the trivia app and recommend venues to encourage your staff to also do so.  The app is useful for venues with function rooms and event planners who help people organise trivia for entertainment.

If you are likely now, or in the future, to need a trivia quiz and host, download the app to your phone so you have it handy.  Whether you run a weekly quiz or not, having the app on someone’s mobile phone, means you can call instantly if someone wants a trivia quiz for a function or fundraiser. It take up so little space but can be very useful to some people.

The trivia app can “push” messages to people who download it. It can geo target these messages to specific local areas. As the app audience builds, we hope to make this messaging feature available to our venues to use to advertise new events.

That said, if you are a player, we’d also like you to download our trivia app because we’re hoping you’ll maybe send us a picture of your very own trivia team winning one day. You can use the app to snap a picture and send it to us. Anyone with the trivia app will be able to see it. That means you’ll have access via the app to people all over Australia who love playing trivia. Cool eh?

For trivia players there are some useful features too
  • 9MoreToolboxIt has a QR Code Reader &  Find My Car function
  • You can access your own Social Media login areas
  • You can leave comments on the fan wall
  • The app can send a picture to Complete Trivia
  • The app will receive messages from Complete Trivia
  • You can share the app with your trivia team members
  • You can organize a trivia quiz for a Christmas Party,
  • Hens & Bucks Nights, Birthdays, Fundraisers
  • You could just make our day 🙂

We intend to expand on player functions once we get more feedback. We’d like to send a message if we have a social media contest or trivia quiz for example. If players download the app now, when that happens, you’ll (hopefully) get a nice surprise and maybe win a prize if you enter. So if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, click on a trivia app image above and install it on your device. Go ahead, download the trivia app and make our day…

Oh, and yes we are a trivia quiz company in Australia but trivia topics and social media are global, so if you are a trivia fan in another country – the app should work for everyone.

Let us know if it doesn’t.