Inviting All Complete Trivia Hosts

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We would love to include a profile page for all our hosts! Please fill out this form to register for site membership and create yours. Start with the basic information required with this form. Then add more pictures and text, embed video or audio, and make it as detailed as you wish.
  • NOTE

    You must be a host for a Complete Trivia quiz to be approved. The first section creates your private member profile, part of this can be seen publicly if your username is clicked.
  • The two word name you are known by at trivia eg John Doe
  • Choose a user name for your website membership login
  • If you have a nick name that trivia players know you by, mention it here in brackets and it will be added to your profile page name eg for John Doe (anon) - just enter (anon) here.
  • A valid checked email address as you receive your login info here. You may be required to confirm registration by clicking a link in the email. Then you can login to edit your profile.
  • Strength indicator
    Choose your own password
  • You can enter a main external website here that will be used on both profile pages. If you have more than one you can edit your public profile to include these after registration.
  • NOTE 2

    The next section creates the basic profile page for a Complete Trivia Host, this information will become publicly available on the website after approval and can be edited by you then.
  • Upload an image of yourself for the main profile picture. As a thumbnail will be generated square pictures work best. A jpeg is preferred with a max width and height of 200 px.
  • Enter your description for the profile. You can use basic html or plain text. Include a description of who you are, and what you do best. Include information about the venue/s where you host, how many teams are there, what prizes are offered. Get the venue link from our directory and link to their page on this website. You don't have to do this all now, you can edit your profile to include more details later when your member login is approved.
  • NB: Please CORRECT THIS - the excerpt shows as the profile description and may be shown in search engine results or on facebook aside your name. You can add another sentence.
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