Trivia Host Profile Page

Dear Trivia Hosts,

We’ve tried to keep this easy  so to start fill in the form to sign up and fill in your profile. Click here to open the profile form in a new window.

The first part asks for your name and email. This is what appears in your “user” area on the Complete Trivia website, it’s also used to login to our website to edit your profile.

A profile picture

The second part of the form lets you upload a promotional picture of yourself that appears at the side of your profile page.

The fields under this,  picture title, description and caption are  – the caption shows on the page, the description comes up if hovered over. If the image is of you the title should be your name and the description – something like – “your name:  complete trivia host at venue name…”

You can add more pictures by editing the profile after the form is submitted. If you need help getting a picture cropped to the right size, drop the pictures you have in your dropbox folder and I’ll send them on to the web master to help you get this done correctly.

Finding Your Profile Page

To access your profile page there are two ways to view it –

Public (published) – anyone can see this page when they click its link from the left menu under “Meet Our Trivia Hosts”

Private (editing)  – enter your user name and password in the login box (left) to go to and edit your profile page.

Check your emails after submitting the form for your login username and password. You need to confirm you have received them, by clicking a link you receive in that email.

To edit your trivia host profile page click on the left dashboard link Posts and look for your draft posts or already published profile post by your name then click >Edit


Editing Your Profile

If you have a website or MySpace you’ll be familiar with most of this, if not the first you need to know is that there are two tabs in the editor – one for visual mode and one for code. Use visual mode. This shows you what people will see when the post is published.

To see exactly what it will look like click on the preview post link.

As an user/author you can only make changes to those posts you create yourself.

Please do not change or add to tags or categories as these are used for site navigation and we’d like them kept simple.

It’s up to you how long or short your profile description is. You can link to other websites if you have a website, or a profile (such as facebook). You can give a full description of what else you do if you wish. Or you can keep it really simple.

To help your venue get more trivia players it will be good to tell people where you host the trivia night and give more details about this specific trivia night. So you could also write in your profile information like this….

The Lion & Lamb Pub generally has around 10 teams competing on a Friday but is always looking for more people to have a good time. They offer vouchers for their bar and diner as spot prizes and have a jackpot prize as well as cash prizes for first second and third places.

So come on down and join the fun on Fridays and bring your friends.

The more specific with details of prizes and any extras you do to enhance the quiz night, the more likely it is that more people will come, or ask for you as a fundraiser quiz host.

If editing a post online is unfamiliar or you don’t have the means to edit something online, please dropbox a text document with what you want written and a picture, and the webmaster will create the page for you.

It’s important! So if you need help reformatting your profile page, get in contact with me.  Put your info into the dropbox folder, or email it to me.

If I can do this – so can you! So go fill in this form, sign up and start your profile page with us. Click here to open the Trivia Host Profile form in a new window.

….and Good Luck !