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We are sometimes disappointed that the best pub quiz advertising our venues can manage on their websites, is “Tuesday Trivia” on their “What’s On” page.

Venues spend all that time and money on an advertisement for a one night event, but can’t manage more than two words on a website, for an event that runs weekly all year round?

We worry about it. Especially as we make creatives (web graphics) that venues can utilize and share, and posters to advertise trivia events.

We get that a band brings revenue from ticket sales, while pub trivia is usually free, but come on!

If you have musicians or bands on the weekend you ADVERTISE, asking people to visit the venue to hear them. Your advertising isn’t bland and general, like – “Come to our pub to hear the band of the day.” It’s specific and exciting…


Use something BIG, bright and colourful to get attention with relevant specific text about your competition to advertise your pub quiz or trivia competition. Invite people to come along and belong.

Weekly Pub Trivia Needs Continual Advertisements

Pub trivia advertising can feed new trivia players to your trivia room. It can also just attract new people to your venue. People may visit, via an ad, just to try the trivia, and become venue regulars even if they didn’t like the trivia. If they really like your music or food services they’ll come back. Advertise something specific, get a regular customer – win/win.

Once you have established your trivia competition, some teams of people will continue to attend come rain or shine. However, their lives change too. People drop out because they have something else they must do that night. They move from the district, they fall out with the people they went with, or stop coming for other perfectly valid reasons that have nothing to do with your venue services or the trivia quiz. You need to advertise to top up your players periodically.

You do not need to advertise every week to keep your players. It’s just wise to continually advertise – monthly or even quarterly, just to keep up the trivia player numbers and attract new people.

Variety is the Spice of Advertising

Memory Lane Pub Quiz Advertising

Memory Lane Poster

Your website, and magazine (if you do one), are great places to publish a perpetual pub quiz advertisement. These ads inform people “where and when” trivia is run, in the places they will look for this information first.

This ad reaches people who probably already know your venue. Even so they may not know trivia is available for them to do – say, on a week day.

We have posters that can be used as pub quiz advertising in-venue or online. Include it on your “Whats On” webpages to advertise your pub trivia.

We have logos that will tell people you use our brand of quiz. These can easily be inserted onto a webpage that describes the quiz. It reassures those trivia players  who’ve been playing Complete Trivia for years, that the quiz is still one of ours and therefore will be both current and accurate.

Reminding your regulars that you do pub trivia is great, but you can vary your own “Whats On” page cheaply and easily. So why not sometimes give our other trivia quiz products a try and make them a feature of your pub quiz advertising.

Complete Trivia Creates Other Trivia Quizzes

Make your trivia night appear more entertaining. Run a theme trivia night. Advertise for people to dress up for trivia. Halloween or Melbourne Cup Day are good calendar themes. Offer a memory lane quiz on Mothers Day or Fathers Day and get some really special prizes for it. Use an image of the main prize with a slogan – “Win This For Mum” – and make this the feature of your pub quiz advertisement.

complete trivia quizSupport a local charity fund raiser by advertising and running a custom trivia quiz for them. If companies need a Christmas Party or hold a convention, we can customise a quiz for those functions as well.

If your venue does functions, offer an option to run a trivia quiz at engagement parties  and other celebration events. Birthday Trivia quizzes and hens and bucks quiz nights are very popular .

Use any offline advertising you can easily afford. You could ask the local paper to publish an article about a feature of your venue and include a paragraph about pub trivia. Save it to a pdf copy to put on your website. Do a  radio ad and call out for trivia players to bring their friends. Put the audio of the ad on your website.

A little bit of advertising on a regular basis trumps a big ad only rarely. Mixed media on a website – audio, video and images attract more attention than text.

Explore Online Pub Trivia Advertising Options

Reach out to more locals who may not know about your venue. There are so many online websites you can use to feature an information ad, free and paid. You can create an online press release, use directory sites or check in sites like Foursquare. You can pay for ads, using Google Adwords, to get on the first page of search result pages.

Social Media is also online advertising. We’ll discuss social media in another article, but we have a “Shift” video below to get you thinking. It’s a real eye opener!

Older forms of advertising, as described above, still work well – but it’s 2015. This video will help you understand that people find things to do these days by using mobile phones and social media.

You probably have a Facebook page, maybe you have a Twitter account, but are you using these social media sites to your advantage. I know we’re not – yet. We’re confused, time poor and shaking our heads at the complexity of it all. We’re getting there though and we’d like to help you to learn as we learn. Because everything has shifted and the future is here.

We don’t call it advertising on social media but it has the same effect.

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