Complete Trivia Invites Pubs & Clubs to Start a Trivia Quiz Night Competition in 2018

Invitation to apply for a weekly trivia trivia quiz competition start up in 2016 for pubs, bars and clubs

It’s time to get started on those new years resolutions that you entered on your 2018 calendar. The silly season is over, its back to business. Summer, and the start of the new year is the best time to be motivated and set in place new strategies for making profits.

That’s why we’re inviting pubs and clubs, restaurants and cafes, retirement villages or function venues to get in contact with Complete Trivia to start a weekly trivia quiz night now in 2016.
  • Whether its to start a trivia quiz night for the first time,
  • change your provider if you aren’t satisfied with the one you have,
  • restart trivia that your venue previously cancelled,
  • or add a second or third trivia quiz comp to the one you already have

We invite you to get in touch and find out what we can do to help you to start a trivia quiz night.

Venues with no trivia quiz night are leaving money on their empty tables.

Most pubs and clubs are familiar with trivia competitions as a way to attract weekly customers into their venues on quiet days of the week. Many of you may already have a trivia provider, a company that has a trivia quiz writer who will train and/or provide a host (or quizmaster) to present the quiz. But have you thought about running trivia more than once a week?

If you have run trivia, you already know what a loyal group of customers trivia players are. You are aware of how many people you can attract using a trivia comp. Start a trivia quiz night and make players welcome and treat them like gold.

Player loyalty occurs naturally, mainly because trivia is a team game. It’s far easier to maintain a regular social relationship with people when you play together on a weekly basis. The trivia night is every week and all a player has to do is turn up to see their friends.

Summertime Fun Trivia

Because the early months of the year are the best time of year for new trivia start ups, we are inviting people to get in touch with us right now. Why?  It’s Summer! People still want to go out and have fun. For a lot of people, trivia is a good choice of social entertainment.

Start a Trivia Quiz Night To Keep Your Local Community In Touch

A common new year resolutions is to find a regular social activity where people can meet up and have fun with friends and family. It’ s a way to stay in touch with them on a regular basis. People are tired of solo, and passive entertainment choices. They can watch TV at home. They are hungry to find an activity they can do with both their friends and their brains.

Right now, as a company, we are getting contacts from hosts looking for work. We have time to set aside to help new start ups to establish their trivia night competitions. It’s a great time to start a trivia quiz night and to get it established.

Wintertime Fun Trivia
Because time flies! Sooner than we like we’ll be dealing with the end of the financial year. Cold winter weather starts influencing more people to hibernate in their homes. Then the silly season is on us again.

Start ups are a little slower to establish in Winter, as people become less enthusiastic about going out in the cold, and its dark earlier. Strangely however, this doesn’t affect established trivia comps much. When players have come to think of their trivia night as part of their routine, and it’s just something they look forward to each week. Wednesdays is Trivia Night…

Start a Trivia Quiz Night and Enjoy Watching Players Have Fun

Trivia suits many members of a family, no matter their age. It’s an activity that diverse groups of people can play together that is interesting to everyone. Trivia teams can be made up with work colleagues and friends of friends. The Trivia Quiz is different every week, but easy to learn how to play. No-one wins all the time, there’s always a chance at a prize. It draws on a wide range of interesting popular topics. It has a variety of puzzling, memory evoking, tricky or guessable answers, requires no physical skills and its fun.

For this reason, once a venue like a pub, club or cafe has built up a group of people who like to play trivia, there is very little ongoing advertising or maintenance required to keep players attending every week. They love it!

Venues can start any of three fun trivia quizzes on different weekdays, during day or night, using one quiz a week, two, or all three quizzes each week.

It’s really not hard to get started… Complete trivia provide all you need to start a trivia quiz night, and we run three different types of quizzes to appeal to three uniquely different audiences. You can download PDFs of each below to pass on to other venue staff.

We have the traditional pub quiz Complete Trivia Quiz (PDF) (for everyone), which families and friends and work colleagues love.

There’s the Quizwiz Quiz (PDF) for people who like easier trivia with more small prizes and fun trivia with activities.

There is the Memory Lane Trivia (PDF) for seniors which focuses on more nostalgic trivia (this is best run as daytime trivia).

Start A Trivia Quiz Night 2016

It takes around six weeks to establish new players for a trivia competition in a new venue. Complete Trivia helps the venue manager to start and establish their quiz prize strategy and budget. Small prizes are tailored to provide incentives for players to return and eat in your venue or purchase drinks at the bar. The main prizes are what people come hoping to win.

Start a Trivia Quiz Night and Enjoy Seeing Your Diner Busy

If you time your competition so whole families can attend, then soft drinks and kids meals need to be discussed with your food services. If you make more money on coffee, juices, soft drinks or smoothies – promote these items. We help you create a strategy unique to your venue, to make trivia work to make profit. Main prizes and jackpots can always be adjusted to fit your budget. What it costs doesn’t vary much, but will depend on the size of your room and the number of players you want to attract.

We will train or provide a host for the quiz. Your host will entertain people and run the whole quiz for you. He entertains, he asks the questions and plays sound clues, he marks the answer sheets and he distributes the prizes. Most venues only need to prepare the room and reserve the table for the host.

Designing a good prize strategy for each week and having prizes on hand for the host can be prepared at any quiet time. Maintenance advertising such as mentioning your trivia quiz comp on your website whats on page, and its winners on your facebook page, will help bring in new players from time to time. A theme night once in a while will reawaken interest in people who only come occasionally.

We have over 20 years experience in creating engaging trivia quizzes and making trivia events work.

Even better, we have venues who have run our trivia quiz every week for 15-20 years, and more venues coming up to the 10 year mark soon. One player from Dee Why commented recently that one of her current team mates was just a babe in arms when she first started playing our trivia in the club. We can’t think of a better recommendation for our trivia or our company.

Call About Trivia Quiz

Start a Trivia Quiz Night in 2018!

So I’m inviting anyone who works in a venue that makes a profit with serving food and drink, to contact me about starting a trivia quiz night. If your diner needs more customers on quiet days or nights. If you’re a manager and need a new strategy to improve your profit and bring in regular customers. Especially if you understand the value of regular customers. You can start a Trivia Quiz Night. Even if you don’t have the final say, I can provide you with information that can be passed on to those who do.

Look if you’re still reading this far down the page you probably are interested in starting up a weekly trivia comp in your venue.

So get in touch, call me – (I promise I only bite telemarketers!)

For your information, my best day for phone calls is Thursdays, (but I’ll never turn away a genuine enquiry at any time).

You can tap the phone number below (if you’re viewing on a mobile phone), or message me, or just type in the number on the phone. We’ll chat about Trivia Quiz start ups. You can also email me, use my contact form.  You’ll get me if my phone rings, my name is Ian. You can also ask me to call you back at a specific time that is more convenient to you.

If now isn’t real good – Copy the following to your calendar and call on your best day…

Call Ian Francis at Complete Trivia on  02 9614 1410 – Thursdays are best
Put this reminder in your calendar (if now’s a bad time).  Copy That!

You could message Complete Trivia on LinkedIn, find my page on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter or comment on an article on this website – but it will be days before I see your comment and answer it, and honestly, will you remember to come back to see my answer?

Call and find out how starting a trivia quiz night can help your business because this is all about you and increasing profits in 2016.

I can’t read the minds of my website visitors and magically get in touch (wish I could…) but I warmly invite you to get in touch with me.

Promotional Resources

Complete Trivia Quiz PDF      |     Memory Lane Trivia Quiz PDF    |    Quizwiz Trivia Quiz PDF

You can print, email or download these pdfs to share the three different quiz information with other staff members.

(right click and save as – or click to open in the browser)

Trivia Quiz Event, Copyright and License Limitations:

Complete Trivia only run quiz comps in Australia, mostly in the main cities on the East Coast. In rural areas we can rarely provide a host, but we can recommend ways to help you find a presenter that can do the job. We supply a copyright trivia quiz licensed to a venue for one dated use only. Complete Trivia Quizzes cannot be re-used, re-sold or broken up and re-hashed. This license ensures that venues that run Complete Trivia quizzes don’t get disputes over out-of-date question answers or run unfair competitions where players can gain an advantage by attending the same quiz run at multiple venues in a week.