Complete Trivia Is A Trivia Expert…
At Writing A Trivia Quiz For Entertainment

Are the statements below also true about Complete Trivia?

Environmentally Friendly
Green & Sustainable
Low Energy Usage

Gluten Free & Low GI
Heart Healthy
blah blah blah


Sure! But they are completely irrelevant to explain what we do.

Most advertising is basically true, but is it really relevant? The statements above are a (perhaps silly) illustration that although our website claims trivia is magic, that is advertising.

Advertising and marketing is a way of presenting products to make people feel at ease buying them. They want to feel they are doing the right thing, dealing with an expert, saving the environment, living healthy. We have a cat, an owl and a wizard on our website, to attract people. We are under no illusions that its the owl or the cat that will bring us customers. It’s just a brand to help people remember us. (We’re not sure about the wizard, he could be magic.)

We Are REALLY Serious About Trivia.

Trivia sometimes works like magic, but its really just a great product and strategy.

Our strategy is simple and not very different to any other form of venue entertainment. You organise an event, you advertise it, you hold the event using our product, you give out the prizes. The difference with trivia is that people want to do it again.

So you run it again next week. And the week after, and the week after that – for years.

Why does that work? Because trivia players love the Complete trivia quiz.

We are really serious about trivia. We write different quizzes for each state, and different quizzes for the three types of trivia we create. Why? The audience is different. Seniors are different to teens, competitive trivia players are different to social players, and each state has an affinity for sports and people local to them.

We write new quizzes each day that are used that week. Why? To ensure that every trivia question and answer is still currently correct. We also like to include current questions about sports, events and quotes we found in the news that day.

From The Trivia Expert – Not The Marketing Department

We love this video – It’s called “The Expert”. Please watch it and have a good laugh. We so identify with Anderson! I think you will too. Just click the triangle on the video to play it.

We see that many of our venue clients don’t understand trivia players, and believe trivia is just general knowledge. It’s so much more complex than that. Trivia’s a mix of multiple topics, timespans and puzzles. Only a trivia expert gets the mix in a trivia quiz right.

We won’t change a product that we know works, to do it your way. Over 20 years of experience has taught us what makes the magic fail. Your formula for success is very simple – Product + Strategy = Customers. Then when its established and working – that is, if it “ain’t broke” – leave it be – “don’t fix it”. Regular customers don’t like change.

We promise we’ll do our job well. We reassure you that we are the expert – on trivia.

A Trivia Quiz is a product. It is used as a form of entertainment to bring people to a venue. We are the trivia expert. We are really serious about trivia and create a “solid as a rock” trivia quiz. Our trivia players love our product. They return to the providing venue to play trivia on a regular basis because of our product. That’s it!

You don’t need to  worry about what we do, it will work.  If you follow the steps to provide advertised entertainment and do, what you would do normally , and respectfully, you’ll get regular customers.

You Want More People in Your Pub, Club or Bar?

If you book a band, people will come, when you have spent a lot of money advertising the band in newspapers and the radio. Once.

You can put on a movie, an event or have a special raffle and advertise it in the monthly mag or in the paper, and people will come. Once.

People will usually come on the weekend anyway, because that is when they like to go out. The weekend isn’t the problem though – is it?

Running A Weekly Trivia Quiz Draws a Weekly Crowd to Your Bar & Food Services.

You want tables filled with people, not once, but every week – on quiet nights.

Trivia players will come every week, as long as there is an established trivia quiz. When they come, they will come early or stay on to eat a meal, have a few drinks and play the pokies. They’ll check out your venue advertising for “Whats On”, on the weekend. Get ready to refresh your specials so your regulars have some choice!

You don’t need to do anything more than make a room available to them. Use our product. Give out prizes that encourage people to return to your venue for a meal or drinks. Give away a ticket to the band, or an event, so they return on the weekend. Time limit the prizes so they come back again soonest. You know the drill!

You are the Expert at Running Your Venue.

You wouldn’t be reading this unless you wanted more custom. Just like I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t. Its business – not advertising, its work – not magic. Lighten up, trivia works because people like it. So if you need more customers, just do it!

But if you want a balloon in the shape of a kitton, you need to call Anderson.


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