A Trivia Room For Trivia Players

Do you have room for trivia players? Because you need a trivia room for players to do the quiz. In a small pub they will take over the bar leaving no room for other regulars. That isn’t an issue if that’s what you want. But if you have a quiet room with plenty of tables, it is easier. Why?

Players play as a team of up to 8 people so teams are best grouped at a table
Players need to easily hear the questions and music clues from the host
Players need to write down some questions and fill out their answer sheet
Players probably like to eat, drink and talk to one another during the quiz

A US Trivia Video of Trivia Players in a Pub

This is a trivia room in a pub. It’s not one of our shows. We havn’t managed to find the time to video a show or overcome the legal requirements for permission to publish people’s images in Australia. Clubs and pubs are reluctant to allow cameras for this reason. Amateur videos on mobile phones are rare as mobile phones are asked to be turned off during competitions.

So we embedded a video from YouTube just so you can see a host and trivia players in a pub doing a trivia quiz. It isn’t brilliant, but its the best we could find.

You can see that a fairly large trivia room may be needed! Imagine the noise in that room, with piped in music, conversations, announcements and bar noise. How easy do you think it is to hear a question?

How Trivia Players Feel About A Trivia Room

Our trivia quiz can be complex. In some questions, an answer can be qualified only by meeting several criteria. Maybe you hear the main part of the question, but miss the first bit, or the last. You think you got the answer right, but the bit you missed meant you answered it wrong.  That’s frustrating and feels unfair.

There is a time span for each question. You may be forced on to the next question, before your team has fully discussed and answered the one before. Trivia players usually have someone make notes of questions. They also have one person who fills in the answer sheet. The answer sheet has a spot for the teams answer to 10-20 questions. These are marked at the end of each round. It’s hard to write on your lap, leaning on a newspaper.

A well organised competition has plenty of tables, one for each of the trivia teams. This enables the trivia players to sit together and discuss questions without another team overhearing their answers.  When players cannot be grouped easily, they feel uncomfortable and exposed. They have to whisper to one another, or write an answer and pass it around.

Adjusting a Venue Room to be the Weekly Trivia Room

Every venue has different resources to use and many rooms may get re-used in various different ways over a week. It’s hard to generalise about what to do to make your players comfortable.

These factors should all be carefully considered.

The more tables there are, the more players can attend, limited to room size.
A very large room may require a more powerful PA for the host to be audible
Providing a PA means the host won’t have to bring his, but it must be working

If you cannot provide tables, provide clipboards that can be stored at the venue
Try to group your seating so a competing team cannot overhear another easily
Turn off external noise if possible, or turn down or distance blaring TVs & Juke Boxes

Ensure that the manager on duty is informed about what the host may need and when
Make sure the trivia room is ready and the host has fast access to prizes information
Make space with power points for the host’s table, to mark the answers for the comp

Make Your Trivia Players Feel Comfortable

It’s not just all about the quiz! Hospitality has always been service with a smile!

Trivia is primarily a social activity. People come to sit and chat, the trivia quiz simply gives them a good reason to do so every week. People actually come to be with the people they like, to catch up on news and have some fun.

Hospitality (your industry), by definition, is the relationship between the guest (your paying customers) and the host (your venue’s staff and services). This relationship includes the reception, comfort and entertainment of guests by your staff. Train them to show respect for your guests, provide for their needs, and treat them as they would like to be treated when they go out to have fun. Create a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

If you really want more customers – you have to offer them what they wish to receive.

As a venue you will make your money on provided services. Make the food and drinks delicious and worth coming back for. Make your players feel welcome and comfortable. They will reward you by staying longer, spending more money and returning regularly.


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