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I play Complete Trivia in a (bar, pub, club, cafe) at … in Australia

 Play Trivia In A Bar (Pub, Club, Cafe..)

The shareable image “I play trivia in a bar” can be shared to facebook or other social media sites. You can write your Complete Trivia venue name in a comment. You can add your trivia team name, tell people you won that week, say you won a prize, cry because you came last – whatever!

You can further support your venue and help get them some more customers, by also placing a link to their facebook page, or website (or the link to their Venue page map in our directory ) in the comment.  This helps to make sure Google presents their webpage if someone (like you) is searching for a place to play trivia near them. You can copy the link from the address bar at the top of your browser when that webpage is open.