Complete Trivia’s Social Media Trivia

Complete Trivia have social media profiles at the main social media websites, as most businesses do these days. We’d like to say we know what we’re doing, but we also like to be truthful! We do better than most with social media but nowhere near as good as we could.  Mainly because social media is a full time job and we are a small company.

So if we don’t answer a comment you make on our facebook page, or answer an email you sent from linked in, or follow you immediately you follow us on twitter or pinterest – we apologise. We do want to talk to you, but we’re really old school in disguise, so we’d really appreciate it, if you could use the phone when you want a reply.

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Connect and Engage with Complete Trivia’s Social Media Profiles

So why have social media profiles? Because it’s where people hang out. It’s networking, reaching a community of people with information about the joys and benefits of trivia, and our trivia quiz company and it’s products.

We honestly feel that our trivia company provides better “social” media than online social media does! Trivia is face to face, live social media, that brings people together like nothing else. However, online social media has its place and functions as well.

We make trivia quizzes for live events. But we’re also working on free quizzes for social media. We love sharing information. But we sell our trivia questions and answers. So we write articles on our websites and share them via social media. We make pictures you can share, and we do our best to help people understand what an amazing thing social media is.

So we want to help people get the most from social media. Help the clubs and pubs who host our trivia nights, and help our trivia players, by providing social media trivia for them to share with their friends whether the trivia be new or old, interesting or funny, or just cute, quirky or fun.

We hope you’ll explore our website and like our social media profiles. Please help us by sharing the social media trivia you like with your friends. That’s why we have icons at the bottom of our articles so you can click on them to share easily. Use the like and share links on each of our social media pages as well (…only on what you like of course.)

If you have internet on your mobile phone you can connect with our social media profiles on our trivia app. You can use the app to send us a picture of your trivia team, you can comment on articles on our website and read comments from other trivia players.

So even though you may not get a fast reply from us very often on social media (because we’d prefer you to call or contact us by email ), we are watching what happens and trying to keep up with all the digital changes as best we can, while running a business.

Maybe you could share some fun social media trivia with us – we know you are all intelligent people, fascinated by facts and curious as a cat. Lets get together on social media and make it fun for everyone.