Trivia Nights in Australia - Come and Belong

Trivia Nights in Australia – Come and Belong

Team Up For A Trivia Night Out

What is black and white and red all over? (OK. It only works as a sound clue really) Well YOU know, you heard it as a kid – its a newspaper! But try this – what is fun, social and keeps you smart? Duh! Trivia Nights!

Trivia Nights are “face to face” social media!

If you’ve never teamed up to play at a Trivia Night, why not give it a try? Players come each week, with their friends, play as a team and have fun keeping in touch with the past, the news, their friends and family. It’s a brain game, a memory stimulus, a team sport and an icebreaker.

• A player becomes part of a team of 2-10 people.
• Team members meet once a week in a venue running a quiz.
• Players compete with other teams by answering questions for points
• The first prize goes to the winning team with the most points

Prizes are fun to win but first prize can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes there is a “Cash” jackpot prize as well. During the trivia night “Spot” prizes are awarded if you are first to answer a single question. So there are many ways you can win a prize. Places that run Trivia Nights offer different prizes. Could be a Jug of beer, sometimes its discount vouchers, might be a soft toy or a chocolate bar.

Primarily though trivia nights are more about people getting together than what you can win. Trivia appeals to all types of people from all age groups and has many side benefits for players, apart from winning a prize.

Trivia Nights Bring People Together

Trivia Night competitions help people with various interests and diverse groups to integrate. It’s easier for them to talk naturally to each other as they argue and discuss their answers. Trivia busts through all kinds of social barriers and just gets people talking.

• Encourages people to break out of their cliques and meet new people.
• Helps a new member to integrate into an established group.
• Enables diverse people find topics to talk about with each other.
• Builds rapport as people get to know their friends better.
• Gives all members of a family something enjoyable they can do together.

In the virtual world of online social media, people have hundreds of friends and yet may never meet one of them face to face. Trivia nights are the opposite to this, a group of friends you make and meet face to face weekly. We’re only human and without regular human social interaction we can become withdrawn and get that SAD disorder, especially in winter. Don’t stay at home watching tele all winter, come and belong.

Team up To Play Trivia at A Trivia Night Near You

Trivia questions are on so many different topics across time. As trivia players compete as a team they rely on different people knowing different things so the team can win. Everyone is a fan of something and everyone has knowledge from their life experience to offer their team. So don’t think you don’t know enough to play, you’ll be surprised at yourself!

Now is the time to be an organiser. Find out where you can play at a trivia night, message your friends, start an event on facebook – (facebook is very good for that) and invite people to make up a trivia team with you. Think up a silly name, check when the trivia night starts, get there 15 minutes early and pick a good table and give it a go. Take notes, it helps.

• Encourages participation from shy people.
• Builds respect for each persons knowledge and skills.
• Develops conversation, confidence and social skills.
• Encourages people to work together to achieve something.
• Creates a fun atmosphere for learning new things

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t immediately know people who’ll agree to make up a team with you. If you can find a venue, go along and talk to the host. Maybe he knows other people who’d like to be part of a new team and he can bring you together. Once you start to play you may discover more people.

Don’t get discouraged thinking you’ll never win first prize, its not the primary objective for most participants at a trivia night. There are always spot prizes to win on the night and you never really know what you can do until you try just a bit harder, because you will improve the more you play.

The real prize however, is being with like minded people every week having some fun. A prize is soon forgotten but, fun with friends – well, you’ll get to know your friends better and make many memories well worth keeping.