making up a trivia team

Trivia isn’t Rocket Science!  Invite some people you like to join your trivia team.

Getting A Terrific Trivia Team Together

Getting a winning trivia team together may be the prime objective for those with a highly competitive streak who are simply playing to win jackpots and prizes. Most of us are just happy to pick up a bar voucher or a free dinner coupon at a trivia night. We keep going to trivia for the social interaction – so long as the host makes us laugh and we don’t come last every week.

Trivia isn’t Rocket Science! Most of us are more knowledgeable than we think. We tend to think of quiz comps in terms of eggheads and we rack our brains and flick through our address books looking for someone with a university degree. Instead we’d be better off looking for trivia team members we like and who are avid and knowledgeable fans of something. People of different age groups broaden your reach.

Singles can come along alone but Trivia hosts will try and fit singles into an already established trivia team. If that is you – you take pot luck as to who your trivia team mates are. You might be lucky and make great new friends, or you might be stuck at a table with a rowdy crowd who are more interested in each other and the beer, than the competition or you. If you drag a friend or two along with you, you’ll enjoy yourself much more.

Trivia is trivia, not general or technical knowledge, not even always brainy or intellectual knowledge. You will need to “know” some questions, but you may be able to “guess” other ones to get points. If you are able to think things through and work things out, a good guess often delivers. Brainstorm with your team, things you say may bring the right memory to the forefront of another players memory. You win as a team. So its all good!

Gathering Friends With Skills For Your Trivia Team

Do you know someone who watches a lot of TV or loves music? People who have watched every episode of the Simpsons, or Game of Thrones, who like reality shows or Neighbours? People who have a memory chock full of TV trivia, celebrity trivia or movie trivia, and their fictional characters and actors, are outstanding team members.

Music lovers with a CD collection or an ipod spanning several decades are also great team players to choose. A young players knowledge of music trivia balances the music memories of an older player.

Travelers have a wealth of knowledge about geography trivia – countries, cities and rivers. If they speak a foreign language they can work out many trivia questions with word derivations. Amateur chefs can tip the balance on the night if you get a tricky food trivia question. Avid readers usually have a broad knowledge of history trivia picked up from many different genre rewrites. You really need a sports trivia fan (or two) on the team as well, preferably one who stays up all night watching all kinds of sports.

BUT a word of caution, don’t overdo the experts on your trivia team just to fill up the table. Too many strong personalities arguing they’re right can spoil the fun for the rest of the team. Friendships have been known to falter because a dominant personality over ruled a friends correct trivia quiz answer with his own incorrect one. Too many arguments undermine the other players confidence in their answers.

Picking A Funny Trivia Team Name

Once you have a gathered a group of friends for your team you’ll need a clever, funny or silly trivia team name. A prize is often given for the best name. So put your thinking cap on and come up with an inventive trivia team name. A clever play on words is generally trumped by the name that gets the most laughs.

Stuck for ideas? Watch James Bond films, especially the Pierce Brosnan ones and steal his puns like Cunning Linguists. Race Horse names are often good inspiration for clever ideas. You can play it straight with things like Master Minds or Bright Sparks. Switch a word like Red Hot Trivia Peppers, use a brand like Smarties or change the brand like Smartinis.

You can play on famous names like these relatively tame trivia team names Les Quizerables, Tequila Mockingbird, Quiztopher Columbus, Agatha Quiztie and Trivia Newton John. You can play on events like the recent and sad Good Mourning Vietnam, or the political puns Quizlamic extremists and the Gaza Strippers.

Hey. Trivia is meant to be a challenge! You’ll never know which questions will come flying at you each week and hearing new trivia team names is all part of the fun, even the really rude ones,  so think your team up a good one!