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Would you like to be a trivia host? We may have trivia host jobs.

Work For Complete Trivia

Complete Trivia get enquiries from all over Australia, in both country and city areas. Sometimes we are unable to place a Trivia Quiz Night because we can’t find a trivia host for the venue’s area.

We may have trivia jobs upcoming and maybe you would be just who we need to do this type of work. We train you on the ins and outs of running the trivia show but cannot train someone totally crowd inexperienced from scratch.

People who are used to being in front of a crowd, such as musicians, mcs, djs and comedians may find that an extra gig every week running a trivia show is welcome and doesn’t conflict with their main work on the weekend.

We probably can’t find you a weekly gig tomorrow, but Contact Us  and send your CV and contact details, and if you are suitable we’ll keep you on the books for whatever comes up.

What it Takes to  Host A Trivia Show

Complete Trivia’s hosts are selected for their friendliness and ability as entertainers. Our hosts are professionals that can relate to, and form a relationship with people from all walks of life. This is vital to keep the venue’s customers coming back for more every week.

Our ideal professional host is someone that arrives at a venue and sets up the media equipment before time, gets the prizes from the venue duty manager, helps new people settle in and can quickly explain the rules to them. He or she starts the quiz on time, asks the questions clearly, and pays attention so that he knows all people hear them or can ask for a repeat of a question.

He or she may play a sound clue, ask various “jug” or spot questions and perhaps run a small game for a table prize at different stages of the quiz. He or she is able to joke and give a ready reply but will move things along after friendly discussion and quickly shut down any heckling or disputes.

He or she marks the various rounds of the quiz accurately and adds up the points, finishes on time, gives out the prizes fairly and encourages people to come again next week. Finally he packs up and secures any prizes not used, leaves the venue room as he started,  and is paid by the venue.

A trivia show takes around 2-4 hours. Timing, accuracy and attention to fair play are essential. If you have a friendly manner, an easy to understand voice that carries, good time management, math and people skills, you will be suitable for trivia host jobs.

Trivia Host Jobs

If you have experience at entertaining a crowd and can manage a trivia show Complete Trivia want to hear from you. Please fill out this form, attach your CV and we will get in touch with you shortly.
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