3 Reasons Why Trivia Is Never Old Hat

For young people many things can seem old fashioned until suddenly they appear on television reborn as a new idea by someone from their own generation. Our business is trivia. So of all people, we know the difference between facts about what was first, fastest, biggest and best, and fads which have been loaded on a bandwagon and given a new coat of paint.

In Rome gladiators were celebrities and people engineered and built the Pyramids in Egypt. In Europe Galileo was a scientist who measured planets, Mozart made divine music and Michelangelo carved people from marble. Regency fashions were some of the most elaborate ever seen. People are amazingly creative!

Reason 1. People Love Amazing Trivia

People don’t change. Only their costumes do. ~ Gene Moore

We wonder at our own modern technology but what has really changed? The majority of people are not geniuses, they are fans and part of an audience that appreciates other people’s achievements. We all have our particular interests and creative areas and through our lives we gather information that makes each of us unique.

People collect trivia about things that appeal to them as an individual. Like all collectors they like to show off their knowledge. People want to be social, sit and chat, nothing has changed in that regard.

Fashion comes and goes but trivia is evergreen. Trivia has at its fingertips all the knowledge of the World. Its heroes and villains, its history and current affairs, its whacky vogues and its scientific genius. Trivia concerns itself with the details that make the story of all our lives so exciting. Each persons’ memory has thousands of pieces of trivia, yet each person remembers different things according to their life experience and what personally interests them.

We talk about trivia every day but we also run out of things to say to each other because we don’t always have a way to discover like minded people. There used to be more social clubs where people could gather and share things, now its seems even harder for people to relate. Facebook is a great tool to stay in touch with friends and family but meeting with and talking to our friends face to face is so much better for us.

Reason 2. Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed. ~Irene Peter

In this digital age as we delegate more and more of our “brain” skills to electronic PDAs, sadly our social life, conversational skills and memories atrophy.

Though most of us have only a vague memory of many main events, somehow we still manage to guess the correct answer to a trivia question. Even if we are not 100% sure at the time! Why is that? How many times have you had the exact word you needed on the tip of your tongue only to have it tease and evade your memory? Then a minute to two hours later the word is there. Our memory works but it might be sluggish.

Just like going to the gym makes our body fit, brains need to be worked to stay fit too. Trivia comps give our brain a good workout!

Our quizmaster creates a quiz using a huge variety of topics. There will be people in each group who remember an event as clearly as if it happened yesterday. Their first hand account of a story is always interesting to hear. While people discuss each clue, they also talk about and stretch their brain to recall their own personal memories that the trivia quiz evokes. It’s genuine face to face interactive entertainment.

Trivia teams win or lose by who is on their team and what they can drag from their memory on the night. All kinds of personal differences between people are forgiven so long as you can bring information to help your team win. Its rewarding when you do well and frustrating when you don’t. This stimulates people to try harder.

You won’t need to read a book on motivation to participate, because trivia is both entertaining and fun. You may however want to read more books to improve your general knowledge and contribute more to the team.

Reason 3. Trivia Keeps Our Memory Strong

Everything comes to pass, nothing comes to stay. ~Matthew Flickstein

In the past decade, cognitive neuroscientists have learned that much of what we blame on fading memory in midlife can more accurately be attributed to failing attention. Keeping up with important things like technology changes and current events might seem difficult, but we need to find new (or old!) ways to do this.

According to cognitive neuroscientists, the connection between constant mental stimulation and a good memory is proven. People who age gracefully are people who exercise both body and brain. You can stimulate your brain by doing these 8 things on a regular basis.

  1. Meet with friends every week
  2. Brainstorm with new information
  3. Read a variety of articles and books
  4. Stay up to date with news
  5. Work to retain this information
  6. Recall it regularly by talking about it
  7. Solve puzzles that make you calculate
  8. Complete quizzes to fix the information

Triple Trivia – Exercise Your Brain, Stay in Touch With Friends and Win Stuff!

Trivia competitions provide that easy mix of social contact, new information and puzzles to solve. The social atmosphere stimulates conversation within the trivia team. We enjoy showing off and sharing our knowledge as we wonder at the World around us. If simply talking to people regularly while learning new things can help us avoid cognitive problems as we age, why not pick something fun to do?

We humans like to be with other humans, we gather together because we need to be together. Families separate because they seem to have little in common but come together and co-operate as a trivia team when playing trivia. Friends who can’t seem to call for no reason, find a reason to keep in touch to ask if they’ll see you at trivia this week.

The competition aspect makes us work to improve our knowledge by watching the news, paying attention to new items of knowledge and learning more about the things we are asked in the quiz. Trivia is challenging, so you make more effort to remember things. Complete Trivia also has riddles and multiple answer questions that make you have to think or guess to puzzle out the answers.

redhatEverything new you learn may be something that will help your team win, but you already know so much and you were born with a brain that can work things out. Use it or lose it. Come and belong.

People don’t change and trivia is evergreen.

Nothing old hat about it…