Trivia for company team building and entertainment during conferences or conventions

Complete Trivia’s Business Trivia Quiz for Company and Corporate Functions

A business trivia quiz isn’t all business! It’s just a fun normal trivia quiz that’s for a business.

Companies have many event functions which can benefit from trivia entertainment. From the annual Christmas party to entertaining diverse groups of people at an International conference. Trivia is a great icebreaker and quickly gets people talking as they discuss their answer to the questions. This makes it possible for the team members to get to know each other casually without having to think up careful personal questions to start a conversation.

Team members soon find out what people know and like as the sports fan can answer the sports questions and so on. Trivia is one of the best team building games to play. It covers so many topics and includes different types of questions, such as a riddle or math question that needs puzzling out. It’s not just all about general knowledge, it’s a way to discover each individuals knowledge and interests in a totally unobtrusive fun way.

If you want to set your groups at ease with one another quickly, introduce a trivia quiz at the start of your event and get them talking to each other.

So when it comes to giving your next Party, Meeting, Conference, Convention or Corporate Event an interesting twist,  join the growing list of companies who have opted for a business trivia quiz and the Complete Trivia experience. Some of these companies include Microsoft, Nestle, Macquarie Bank, TNT, Eagle Boys, Deutsche Bank, The Professional Golfers Association, and many more with great success.

A Complete Trivia Company or Corporate Trivia Show is created specifically for your business, taking into account any corporate culture, the number of people in attendance, age, sex and nationality demographics and the event time-frame available.

A host can be provided to present the quiz or you can use a company employee if he or she is used to public speaking or event entertainment.

Business trivia quizzes can be created with a particular theme, or focus on a particular main topic. Questions can also be included to personalize the quiz, if you supply trivia that we can work with. Non sensitive company information could be included for example. Topics that might help you discover what people know about can be specified.

To aid us create a business trivia quiz that is perfect for your function or event, please Contact Us via phone or email, or fill in and submit your details on our form  for a Corporate Function Quote Request.

The Complete Trivia format is tried and tested, with nothing left to chance. With a data bank of over 60,000 questions specifically written for Complete Trivia and new current questions  written and checked for current accuracy every week, our trivia quizzes and shows are easily tailored to specifically meet your needs and entertain a diverse audience.