party trivia

Party trivia for when you want guests sitting but still want them to have fun

Complete Trivia Fun – A Trivia Quiz for Celebrations, Parties and Private Social Functions

If you are organizing a trivia night for a special function or party, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is running a trivia quiz on the night! Complete Trivia will take all that pressure off you so you can concentrate on your guests,  the event and enjoying yourself as well.

Hens and Bucks Nights, special birthdays and many other social gatherings can benefit from putting on a trivia quiz as part of the entertainment mix to keep your guests entertained while they are sitting down, perhaps waiting for a later meal.

A Trivia Quiz is a great icebreaker for diverse groups of people and good fun for merrymakers forced to sit at a table for a long period. While the quiz keeps these guests entertained, the hostess can use that time to get other parts of the event done.

We can make a party quiz for any type of function. We’ll send a host to present it for you or you can just book the quiz and have your MC or DJ present it. Every function is different, so give us a call to discuss your options.

Custom Party Trivia Quizzes For VIP Customers

Trivia quizzes can be created with a particular party theme. Questions can be included to personalize the quiz, if you supply trivia that we can work with. These custom questions may be about an individual person, or couple, and can be a special touch at an engagement party or twenty first, especially if you can think of specific things that have happened to the focus person in their past, to include in your request.

Other custom options might be an all music or all movie quiz, all sports or other topic. Themes are popular like Halloween or Christmas. We have a huge bank of questions available and can adapt to your requirements.

Although single topic quizzes can be used,  if you have a mix of rabid fans and normal people, the topic can seem boring to the non fans. It is more fun to keep the larger percentage of the quiz mixed topic questions to engage all members of your audience and just add 25% “fan” questions in.

To aid us create a Trivia quiz that is perfect for your celebration, please use our Contact Us page or fill in and submit this form Private Function Quote Request