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Sample Examples of Complete Trivia Questions

The following trivia questions are examples of some Complete Trivia questions. Question number 8…  PIC-THE-YEAR …is an example of a type of question that may be used as a spot question.

Spot questions allow teams to win a prize on the spot if they are first to answer the question. The parts of the question are read out slowly, with the first ‘clues’ being obscure and the later ‘clues’ becoming easier.

So get your pen and paper ready and have a go…

1. What are the seven star signs with symbols that have tails?

2. What is the official language of Israel?

3. Which two collective nouns, starting with the same letter, can be used to describe a group of singers?

4. Which movie starred Dennis Miller, Roma Maffia, Dylan Baker, Caroline Goodall, Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore and Michael Douglas together?

5. According to the legend, through which city did Lady Godiva make her famous ride?
Was it …
a. London
b. Manchester
c. Coventry

6. Name the first two countries to play a cricket test match on Christmas Day?

7. How did Yogi Bear describe himself?

Gladys Montcrieff dies.
Patricia O’Shane becomes Australia’s first Aboriginal barrister.
Nude bathing is allowed at two Sydney beaches.
Brett Whitely wins the Archibald Prize with a self portrait.
Neville Wran becomes premier of NSW.
The first Vietnamese boat people arrive in Darwin.

9. Which jazz great is credited with inventing ‘SCAT’ singing?

Who is famous for saying “I believe he’s going to bowl underarm. This may be a little disappointing”?

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Complete Trivia Uses Audio Clues

Sound clues are included in our general questions with questions like

Pick the TV Show from this theme
Name that Tune and Artist or Band
Who had the hit with this song
Whose voice is this – famous quotes
Name that movie theme
Pick the year triple play
Name this classical composer
Which movie featured this song
Who had this country music hit

Here is an example – click on the arrow to play the sound clue…

      Name This Comedian?

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Complete Trivia Uses Visual Clues

Visual clues are also included for Corporate Events and Fund-Raisers, providing that a large screen is available.

Famous Faces is a fun visual game projected onto a big screen and played while the presenter marks the Complete Trivia quiz.

Can you put a name to these Complete Trivia Famous Faces?

Complete Trivia Famous Faces

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How did you do?