the complete trivia quiz

The complete trivia quiz is challenging pub trivia for trivia fans

Who is Complete Trivia? What is a Complete Trivia Quiz?

Complete Trivia is a trivia company that has been supplying fully hosted, live Trivia Night or “pub quiz” entertainment competitions, for over 20 years to Australian venues. The Complete Trivia Quiz is our main challenging trivia quiz that we use in most venues.

The Complete Trivia Experience is the package we provide to pubs and clubs with a professional host who presents the Complete Trivia Quiz, and our support for venues to get started and find players who will continue attending weekly.

Live Trivia Night Shows Australia Wide In Pubs and Clubs

Complete Trivia supplies a Trivia Quiz and a Trivia Host, to run a Trivia Night Competition in Pubs, Clubs or other venues on a regular weekly  Trivia Night.

Complete Trivia Quizzes are accurate, current and varied…

  • Complete Trivia quizzes are tailored to fit their venue location. If you are in a State that predominantly follows Rugby Union we don’t ask as many questions about League.
  • Complete Trivia quizzes have a mix of easy and difficult questions from all fields of general knowledge, and a variety of specific, popular topics, so all contestants get a chance to shine .
  • We put emphasis on those pop culture topics and current events and trending topics that will best appeal to and entertain your venues clients.
  • There are true or false tricky questions, a puzzling riddle or two, picture quizzes and if your venue can run them, sound clues for music questions or voice quotes.

Players who like a challenge love the Complete Trivia Quiz. Unlike some other quiz products, there is always something in the Complete Trivia Quiz that’s currently in the news or Sports pages. The topics are broad, the riddles confound, the questions often require multiple answers. Its fun, infuriating, different, old and new clues and questions every week.

When it comes to giving your venue an interesting new twist, join the growing list of successful venues that have opted for the Complete Trivia Experience.

With over 80 weekly trivia shows in 5 states, (South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland & ACT), satisfied club and hotel managers often tell us that their venue is packed for their weekly Complete Trivia night, and players keep coming back for more. Complete Trivia’s retention rate, once the trivia night is established, is the highest in the business.

The 5 Main Elements of a Complete Trivia Quiz
  1. THE TRIVIA QUIZ – The quiz consists of 2 rounds of 20 questions with prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. This may be followed by a cash jackpot round of 3 harder questions.
  2. SPOT PRIZES – These are questions scattered throughout the show with on-the-spot instant prizes.
  3. FAMOUS FACES – This is a fun visual or pictorial game of celebrity faces played while the presenter marks the Complete Trivia quiz.
  4. SOUND CLUES – The host uses a CD or iPod to play sound bites of music or voice quotes to ask questions about.
  5. JACKPOTS – An additional, often monetary, prize may be offered to the winning answer for a jackpot question. If the right answer is not given, the prize money rolls over to the next week, or jackpots, giving a great incentive for teams to return next week to win it.

Try a Complete Trivia Quiz See Example Trivia Questions

Complete Trivia has different Complete Trivia Quiz Shows available.

  Weekly Trivia Quizzes

  1. Complete Trivia Quiz (this page)
  2. Memory Lane Trivia
  3. QuizWiz Trivia Quiz

  Single Occasion Trivia Quiz

  1. Fund Raising Quiz
  2. Business Trivia Quiz
  3. Celebration Trivia Quiz

The Complete Trivia quiz format is tried and tested, with nothing left to chance. With a huge data bank of questions specifically written for Complete Trivia, our hosted trivia quiz nights are tailored to a venue location, in order to attract local customers who will attend regularly.

Trivia Nights can be a fun night out and a highly competitive race between teams. Trivia quiz competitions are addictive. Once people start attending on a regular trivia night – they keep on coming back for more. It’s challenging and infuriating, satisfying and good for you.

Why don’t you come out and play Complete Trivia and see what its all about.

Venues can get more information about running a weekly trivia quiz from the venue pages. Please check the Complete Trivia Company page for our experience.