fundraising trivia

Put on a great fundraising trivia night and it will deliver the funds

Fund Raising Trivia Nights Deliver

These days it can seem that raising funds for your school, club or organization is tougher than ever. That’s why so many are turning to Complete Trivia for fundraising trivia night ideas to help raise the funds they need to serve their cause or continue their work.

In addition to over 70 shows per week in hotels and clubs across five states, Complete Trivia also helps people with fund-raisers every year.

Why Choose Complete Trivia For Your Fund Raising Event?

Complete Trivia fundraising trivia events offer people something different and challenging – a concept that will excite your audience. Far less expensive than most traditional forms of entertainment, an invitation to a fund raising trivia night is generally well accepted, as it appeals to such a wide range of people.

Trivia quiz competitions are not just about quiz questions and answers, they are reminders of our favourite songs and past events, that stretch our memories and send us back in time. Trivia nights can be a fun night out or a highly competitive race between teams.

Either way, the people who attend want to use their brain, win a prize perhaps, but more than either of those – they like to come to have fun and be social with people. This works for you when you are looking for fundraising ideas, as the people you invite, may in turn invite other people they know to make their team more competitive and better able to win.

When people are interacting and having a lot of fun, they are in a generous mood. This is why a Trivia Event is so often used for fund raising and with such successful results.

Complete Trivia Helps You Get Organized

Complete Trivia will work with you to ensure complete success of your trivia event. We have a lot of trivia night fundraising ideas! We will tailor a show that is just for your crowd and take care of  many details so that you can sit back and enjoy the fun too.

All you have to do is organize the venue and the prizes, and ensure you invite lots of people so a good size crowd turns up for a good time. As well as actual fundraising trivia night ideas we can help you with promotional posters and advertising ideas.

There are ways to use fun games, add raffles and auctions to your trivia event to increase the money raised.

Call us for more information and chat about what you want to achieve.