Memory Lane Trivia is for seniors - more what you remember - less 21st century stuff

Memory Lane Trivia is for seniors – more what you remember – less 21st century stuff

Memory Lane Trivia

When it comes to keeping your older clientèle entertained and returning regularly to your venue, the options can be pretty limited. Beyond discount lunches and bingo or expensive musical entertainment, there is a void. Memory Lane Trivia can step in and assist you to provide a valuable community service, while at the same time significantly increasing any venues lunch trade.

This huge potential market of older Australians, still fit, retired and with the desire, time and funds to get out and enjoy themselves, is hugely under-serviced. This demographic may be less inclined to go out in the evenings but are actively looking for social activities during the day.

If you want people to attend at your venue weekly rather than just for an occasional meal out, you have to run a regular event which appeals to them. We suggest you offer them Memory Lane Trivia. Specifically tailored to an over 55’s audience, Memory Lane Trivia provides a fun, two hour trivia show designed to entertain – and to keep people coming back week after week, year after year.

What Is Memory Lane Trivia?

We have a website just about this quiz at Memory Lane Trivia

The Memory Lane Trivia quiz has been tailored for the over fifty-five day time market . It provides a challenge for their brain and a regular fun social event where they can  catchup with friends without having to work hard to organise an event for them. They can have a relaxing meal, a few drinks, and sit around talking without having to think up conversation topics, because the quiz takes care of all that!

If they enjoy trivia, not only will they come regularly but they’ll bring along different friends in order to improve their team and give themselves a competitive advantage.

Although similar in format to a regular Complete Trivia show, Memory Lane Trivia features more questions from the 1940’s to the 1980’s decades. It is still a fun challenge but it has fewer questions about the music and tv shows that this group are not interested in. It has more questions about what they remember.

Memory Lane has established a keen senior following wherever it has appeared. Originally trialled at the Twin Towns Ex-Servicemen’s Club on the NSW/Queensland border, it attracted a consistent crowd of over one hundred players, every Monday lunchtime from the very beginning. It ran there for over 12 years without a break. Then it’s audience transferred the same loyalty over to Kirra Beach Sporting Club where it has continued to run ever since.

Because we know that establishing a new entertainment concept can take a little time, we offer a high level of support to ensure that a Memory Lane Trivia quiz in your venue will also be a long term success. This includes marketing to retirement villages and aged care centres in your vicinity, providing a professional host or training your promotional staff to present the show, advertising posters and advice on prizes. We also guarantee exclusivity in your area.

So if you are looking for well priced entertainment for your local senior community, to keep your kitchens busy and to pay your bar staff wages, then give us a call and we’ll make it happen.