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Quizwiz trivia – its magic!

Quizwiz  – Fast Paced Interactive Trivia

Forget your worries for a couple of hours with a fast-paced fun trivia show hosted by a professional entertainer. The idea of Quizwiz is to be fun to play, interactive and entertaining – and to spread around the prizes as much by chance as by knowledge.

Quizwiz is a new trivia quiz that Complete Trivia started in 2013.

The questions are relatively easy and the spot questions are geared to make sure that everyone has a chance to win a prize. With visual, audio and subject specific questions suitable for all ages, everyone will have an answer. The aim is to entertain people who are not normally trivia players and to just have a lot of fun while you exercise your brain and your memory.

People who may not wish to stay for the whole show can get involved in the first few rounds, try Quizwiz and still have a chance to win a prize. If you like it we hope you’ll return for more.

Quizwiz includes six rounds of spoken, visual and audio questions with lots of fun activities and spot questions mixed into each different round for teams to win prizes or choose bonus points.

Check our “Where to Play Trivia” page to find a venue or Quizwiz to just see those venues with Complete Trivia’s Quizwiz.  We announce new venues on Complete Trivias facebook page.  If you “like” our page, new announcements will appear on your facebook wall.

If you can’t find a trivia venue near you, why not talk to your local pub or club and ask them to give us a call. If the club agrees to contact us and contracts us to provide a weekly trivia quiz – and mentions your name and phone as the referrer, Complete Trivia will send you a $50 thank you referral commission.