Guide to Organising a Trivia Quiz Show For Weekly Pub Quiz Comps in Pubs & Clubs

Pub Quiz Guide

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We cannot know without talking to you, what type of venue or trivia quiz comp you are hoping to organise. As we have specific information pages for fund raisers and celebrations which are single occasion quizzes, some of this course information will not be relevant, but the basics we cover are all useful and good to know.

For this welcome page, we’d like you to explore the free information on our website to see how we aid our regular venues to promote their weekly trivia.

The Menu Bar

website menu

Under the logo is a menu bar with links to articles. Clicking any item will drop the menu to show a list of articles underneath, according to the audience it’s meant for. Below is an image of the menu bar – (ie it only shows you what the menu looks like, scroll back up to the header and you’ll see the one that works when you click it!)

SidebarArticles under Venues  have information on how pub trivia helps venues to increase trade by creating loyal regular patrons who keep coming back week after week.

Articles under Players are for people who play trivia, with tips to succeed and pub quiz rules.

Under Company you’ll find Complete Trivia’s contact page. You can read about the history of our trivia company, and its quizmaster who writes the trivia questions every week.

Under Trivia there are articles about trivia, what it is and articles with Australian trivia.

The Members area has pages where site members can access  functional pages such as hosts entering quiz winners for news and venues paying via credit cards etc.

<<<<<The Sidebar

The sidebar can be similar to this image, or it can change on each different page. When you are on a page that is intended for a venue, the items in the sidebar will be more venue oriented. Ditto for players. Sometimes we remove the sidebar to allow an image to span the full width of the screen.

If you hover over text in the sidebar it will change colour if it is a hyperlink. Click images in sidebars (like social media icons to go to our facebook etc) but images in articles are not generally linked to anything else.

We have interactive Google maps linked to the Venue Directory. Each venue running a Complete Trivia quiz is shown with a purple pin.  Pins link to  a page with the venues’ quiz details, such as their website, time and day of its trivia.

The Home Page

The home page (generally the first page you come to) has links to the most important articles on the website so you can click on any picture or blue link near the picture to reach a wide range of pages. You can always click back or on the header picture (logos) to return home.  At the very bottom of the page is a page called a Sitemap. It has all sorts of pages most people normally don’t see but if you get stuck….

The Complete Trivia App

Yes we have an App! We’re so proud of it. It’s just a baby at the moment but like all newborns we expect it to grow. When it’s a bit older we hope to use it to send out some fun trivia games and competitions to players.

For now it’s mostly a sleepy “mini website” app to help venues to access our information, social media and contact details instantly.

We invite you to download the trivia app and recommend you encourage your staff to also do so.  Useful for venues with function rooms and event planners who help people organise trivia for entertainment. Download it to your phone so you have it handy if you are likely now, or in the future, to need a trivia quiz and host.

Whether you run a weekly quiz or not, having the app always handy on someone’s mobile phone, means you can call instantly if someone wants a trivia quiz for a function or fundraiser. It doesn’t take up much space.

The app can “push” messages to people who download it. It can geo target these messages to specific local areas. As the app audience builds, we hope to make this messaging feature available to our venues to use to advertise new events.

For your trivia players there are a “find your car” feature, and easy login to social media features. We’ll expand on these fun functions once we get more feedback.

So that’s it for today. Please explore the website, download the app to your phone, and create a holding folder in your email program to save the 7 Day email course to.

Tomorrow watch your email, because we’ll send out the first email in the course.