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The Complete Trivia Host & Quiz Package is a complete package. Team trivia works to build a loyal local customer group who return to spend money weekly in your venue.

Team trivia works for celebrations, corporate functions and fund raisers to break the ice, get people talking and help many diverse people have fun and get to know each other.

We have a Complete Package solution for both single or weekly team trivia. So why not get a free Quote! There’s a lot to gain.

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If there is no struggle, there is no progress ~ Frederick Douglass

You may have a lot of questions about running team trivia but we hope that the information on our trivia website has answered most of them. Give us a call if you’re still puzzled.

We need to ask get some specific information from you to make a quote.

You have probably participated in a trivia competition at some time, or at the very least watched quiz shows on the television and understand the basics. Complete Trivia brings a team trivia quiz show into the real world.  It’s a live event, where a group of normal people form a team and compete on a regular basis in a venue within their area.

We also create single occasion and custom trivia shows for private functions.

Team trivia is fun and challenging, and gets diverse people talking.

Players Compete As Teams To Win Prizes

People sign up at the venue to compete as a team. For single quizs they turn up because they are invited to. Each trivia team sits together at one table so they can discuss their answers (without giving them away to another team).

People do not win as individuals, but as a team. Team trivia makes it easier to win because each person brings their unique and different knowledge to the comp.

We need to know if you need a Single Occasion Quiz or a Recurring Quiz?

I need a Single Custom Team Trivia Quiz

A single team trivia quiz is used for events like fund raisers, social celebrations – buck and hens nights, special birthdays like twenty firsts and decade celebrations, anniversaries and other such gatherings. A single quiz is also used for corporate functions as an icebreaker at conventions or as a team building social event.

A single quiz can be supplied quite quickly, depending on the amount and limitations of any customisation that is requested or required.

I need a Recurring Weekly Team Trivia Quiz

Regular weekly quizzes are more complex as a period of pre-promotion and organization is required. We need to engage a regular host suitable for the venue and the venue needs to ready a room with sufficient tables available for use by the teams every week. Then to get sufficient players to make it worthwhile, the weekly team trivia event needs to be advertised.

We need a few weeks to get ready. After starting, a weekly team trivia comp needs around six weeks to establish itself.

Do You Need A Host?

A trivia host organizes the trivia teams to their table, distributes an answer sheets to each team and marks their answers to decide the winner. The trivia host asks the table quiz questions, sets up visual and audio clues if they are used, keeps the crowd entertained between questions and gives out the prizes at the end of the night. He or she may also introduce a game and award spot prizes, or run a raffle or auction, depending on the functions main objective.

  1. I will need a trivia host to run the competition
  2. I will act as or employ my own trivia host
You Might Want to Know… “What Will I Need To Do Or Prepare?”
  1. You will invite players or promote the event to get players
  2. You must book and get the venue room ready prior to comp
  3. You will arrange supply of the winning player prizes

Complete Trivia will work with you before the event to ensure that the equipment for the host is available, such as a PA or projector & screen. We’ll discuss prizes and help you get those ready. We have promotional material you can use to advertise your event.

You may not need to worry too much about the rest but here goes….

To ensure an accurate quote, a team trivia quiz perfect for your players and a smoothly run event, it helps us to know more about your event or venue and your audience.

For ALL Team Trivia Nights

The location, day and date are very important for ALL quiz quotes. We need to ensure that a similar weekly quiz is not run in two venues close to each other during the same time period. No fun if you know all the questions, no chance to win if someone else does.

Where & When – Very Important!
  1. The full name and address of where the venue is (so the host knows where to go)
  2. What company name to bill and how you prefer to pay (so we make a correct invoice)
  3. The day, date, starting and finishing time of the trivia event ( so the host arrives)
  4. Who the main contact person is (for decisions and unforeseen changes)
  5. Where the loading dock is and where the host can park (don’t want him to be late)
To create custom content we need some basic crowd demographics
  1. Are you in a holiday area, catering to transients, or mostly local regulars
  2. Will the audience be predominantly male or female or a mix of both?
  3. Is the majority of your audience Australian, from interstate, or even international?
  4. Is your audience all different ages or within specific age brackets?
Do You Need Our Help? Make Sure To Tell Us If You Need This.
  1. Do you need equipment such as microphones, PA system, screens or projectors
  2. Do you need advice about promoting the event, promotional posters etc.
  3. Do you need more help wit a budget, getting prizes or with prize ideas
Questions We May Ask Fund Raisers
  1. How much do you want to raise? How much help will you need?
  2. Will you be giving prizes for winners only, or give spot prizes and jackpots
  3. Will you be running raffles or auctions as well
  4. How will you charge – at the door or by booking, by team, table or by person.
  5. How many people do you need to attend to reach your goal.

We understand that you may not yet have all this information available but the more information you can give us, the easier it is for us to help you to achieve the target amount of money you want to raise.

Celebrations, Private, Social or Corporate Functions
  1. Do you have specific time constraints?
  2. Will there be a meal served and when will it start and end
  3. Do you need to ensure that this event fits in with another event like a conference
Do You Have Special Requirements For the Trivia Host?
  1. A convention of surgeons in suits may not relate to a host wearing jeans.
  2. An older audience might be offended by sexual innuendo or swearing
  3. A twenty first crowd may not take to a host in a suit who can’t crack a dirty joke or swear. This crowd may be mixed age or all young, so the type of music is important!

Just let us know what to expect (and we’ll let the host know what he can get away with).

Do you have specific material you’d like included in your questions?
  1. If you are a club with a special interest you could ask for a percentage of the questions to be on this topic, for example footy questions for a football club.
  2. If you provide us with material, we can include trivia about your company history, your speciality or the new product you are launching.
  3. If you provide us with material, we can also ask fun trivia questions about a person having a special birthday, or the couple getting married.

The limit for unique content is 25%.

Doctors, for example, may be interested in medical trivia. Science trivia, geography trivia, history trivia and math trivia are other possible topics for professionals. Celebrity trivia, TV, and movie trivia are popular with a female audience, men of course often prefer sports trivia, and our music trivia can be limited to specific decades.

So now you know what we may need to know and why we ask questions like this for a quote. Knowing things like this makes it possible to make a better team trivia quiz for you. It sounds complex but don’t get put off, we do this all the time and we’ll help you all the way.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions yet – take a ball park guess. We’ll nut out the unknown details later on the phone.

So go ahead… Enquire About Getting A Quote

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