play trivia near me

Where can I play trivia near me?

Where Can I Play Trivia Near Me?

Great ! You want to know more about where and when people can attend one of our trivia night competitions! We hope that you find a place near you where you can play a quiz and have a great night out with your friends and team mates. It’s a lot of fun and you can win great prizes!

To play trivia at some venues it may be necessary to book a table for your team, or let the host know there will be a new team. You can often do this just by phoning the venue, but not all venues will need phone bookings. Its just wise to ask on the first night to avoid disappointment.

It’s a good idea, the first time you play a quiz, to turn up at the venue half an hour before the given starting time. This will give you time to think up your team name, get settled at a table, get your answer sheet and talk to the host before the trivia quiz competition starts.

To  Find A Venue To Play Trivia  – Explore Our Google Maps.

We have several interactive maps that make it easy to find trivia near you. The markers on the maps show you the pub or club venue’s location. If you click on a purple marker the map zooms in closer and opens a text box with the venue’s name and address.

Clicking on the blue venue name in the text box then takes you to that venues individual page which lists the day of the week that people can play Complete Trivia, and the starting time for that venue. You can call the venue, check the time hasn’t changed, find out what room it is in, book a table for your trivia team and if you are playing trivia for the first time ask any your questions.

Each individual venue listing has a close up Google Map. You can get directions or change the map to street view to see a photograph of what the pub quiz venue building looks like. We have also, where possible, included links to each venue’s website. Many pubs or clubs give further details about their weekly trivia night there, and also have details about their restaurants, bar specials, functions rooms and any other weekly or upcoming entertainment that they provide.

Click here to start with our Play Trivia In Australia Map . On that page there are links to State maps.

What if there is nowhere near me to play trivia?

We have many venues but there can always be more! If we had salespeople, we’d have more venues, but we are a small company and are kept busy establishing new enquiries and servicing those venues we have. There may be other trivia in town you could attend, or you could ask a venue to help.

If you have a local pub or club who you think may be interested in running a pub quiz, we would be very happy if you wish to act as our advocate and refer them to our website for information.

Some venues will not wish to include trivia as part of their entertainment. Other venues will be really interested to find out more. You can always ask…  It will help you persuade them, if you can gather a group of friends who’d like to play trivia, who’d also like to participate.

If you have no luck at the pub or club, maybe a local cafe or restaurant would like to get more business by running a weekly trivia competition. Hope you find somewhere near you to play trivia soon.