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Pub Quiz Facts For FAQs – Nothing Trivial

Weekly pub quiz nights are a perfect form of entertainment for the early part of the week, to entice a different crowd of customers to regularly attend at your venue. Trivia appeals to a wide range of people who may not visit your venue for other forms of entertainment.

Once aware of and participating in competitions, trivia fans become regular customers who have that night of the week booked as a weekly occurrence. As they also want to win, they are very active in encouraging new members to come along and help them out.

These frequently asked questions are about starting and running a regular pub quiz. They are mostly asked by venue managers. The answers are factual answers wrung from 20 years experience in the business. Your choice will be right however, if made according to conditions which are specific for your club, hotel, pub or bar, cafe or restaurant and your local target audience for your weekly team trivia pub quiz.

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