A Host with a Trivia Quiz – A Complete Solution To Quiet Nights of the Week

host and trivia quiz solution

You already know how to run a trivia quiz…

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading ~ Lao Tzu

You already know how to run an event in your venue, so you already know how to run a trivia quiz! What you don’t know  – we have included in the Host & Trivia Quiz package.

Complete Trivia can organise a reliable professional trivia host for you, or train a staff member or person of your choice.

The trivia host asks the questions to the trivia quiz, tallies the answers, presents the prizes and keeps the crowd entertained during the two to two and a half hour show.

We always create and supply the Trivia Quiz personally each week.

Our trivia quiz products range in degrees of difficulty and we create three distinct quizzes for different audiences. We can also create single custom trivia quizzes tailored to specific topics, if you want something specific and don’t mind paying extra.

Complete Trivia is the high standard very competitive trivia quiz for serious trivia players. We have Memory Lane trivia for daytime seniors events, a similar social quiz format to Complete Trivia but easier with less current questions. Quizwiz is an easier, fast paced quiz, media rich with player activities for people who want more fun trivia questions.

We can fit this quiz package into your budget according to your audience

We will work with you to create a budget for the event, so you know how much you spend and the targeted amount you can expect to get in return. We can adjust this according to the amount of people you want to attract and type of prizes you’ll offer.

So included in the package is…

  • our help to create a budget and goals
  • marketing materials and templates for voucher type prizes
  • a quiz product that is challenging, current and accurate
  • a professional and entertaining host.

The “bonus” is that the host and trivia quiz is a fully tax deductible promotional cost….

Complete Trivia’s Proven Techniques, an Entertaining Host & the Complete Trivia Quiz Make it all Ridiculously Simple

Oh Sure! But What Does the Venue Manager Have to Do?

The event or venue manager will organise the quiz prizes prior to the event each week and make them available to the host. Complete Trivia has many benefit driven ideas on prizes and the best way to use them to drive people to the bar & restaurant.

Someone needs to submit the advertising and marketing material to various publications to tell people you have a new trivia quiz event starting. A notice about Trivia should also be on your website, in email signatures, in a club mag and any local “Whats On” avenues.

Each week the event room should be prepared and available for the host to set up in, at the agreed upon time before the event, usually a minimum of an hour. The host needs a nearby parking spot and if you don’t have an in-house sound system he needs to set up his PA equipment.

Once we have information of your preferred schedule for the trivia quiz event, we’ll create a duty manager report (cheat sheet) so any staff member on duty will know where the prizes are secured and what needs to be prepared for the host in the event room. The host does the rest and the trivia quiz keeps people coming back, because its fun.

That’s all – then you can get on with doing what you do best – running your venue.

Get the Word Out – Pre Marketing Magic

Complete Trivia encourages you to reach sufficient interested players to rotate over a month to provide you with a steady regular crowd that will turn up each week.

We can help by notifying our current players on social media of any new venues starting up. We can provide a list of active communities in your area that offer local advertising opportunities for your new event. We can suggest many ways to get the word out.

A period of in house pre-promotion lets your regulars be aware of the excitement and fun that’s coming their way, a new magical, challenging trivia quiz is starting up.

We supply personalised marketing material.

Along with all the stationery for the quiz competition (answer sheets etc), we supply personalised marketing material. Templates for promotional posters, advertisements (jpeg image), professionally written editorial copy for press or the monthly magazine and a short video or slide for in-house screen promotion.

These can all be personalised to advertise your venue’s trivia quiz event with the bar, room, day and time of your competition.

Trivia Quiz Repeat Business & Cross Promotions

 Let Me Count The Ways You Can Profit!

The trivia quiz host regularly awards prizes, especially for spot questions.

So Complete Trivia host and trivia quiz comps provide you with opportunities to cross promote. Use prizes to maximize customer awareness of your restaurant specials, weekend entertainment and drinks from the bar, as well as any other promotions you are running in your venue.

Although generic vouchers are easiest, getting creative with specific promotions can be beneficial. Do you make something delicious that people don’t order? Maybe they just need to try it! Offer a voucher for a specific cocktail or specific desert prize.

Your prize package should be geared to creating repeat business.

Templates for gift voucher prizes or coupons are available to you. These should have a use by date on them to give urgency for people to redeem them quickly. By providing prizes only redeemable in your venue, you entice trivia players back to redeem them.

Meal specials or discounts, drink vouchers, or a double pass to a show are an extremely cost effective way of providing your trivia prizes. Players will tell their friends, hand tickets on,  and you’ll invoke word of mouth advertising for your venue’s other services.

If you have a cafe you could charge to participate in the trivia quiz, then offset that cost to the player with a free coffee and cake. If you have a franchise business in your venue that benefits from trivia player purchases, like a meals in a restaurant, you can reasonably ask them to contribute part of the cost for putting on the trivia event and to pay the host.

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The Complete Host & Trivia Quiz package is a surprisingly simple solution for building a loyal local customer group who return to spend money weekly in your venue. It is easier than you think, so why not see if you can get weekly trivia organised.

What are you waiting for? Send us an email and get a quote today…