weekly trivia quiz

A weekly trivia quiz comp might be the answer…

Weekly Trivia Quiz – Weird Way To Get More Customers

Let’s face it, most venues have little trouble packing people in on the traditionally busy nights when people are looking for entertainment. But what about those quiet nights early in the week. What will bring people in on those days?

You may feel stumped for an answer! It’s hard to find a high quality, popular form of entertainment within a small budget.

The answer is a weekly trivia quiz.

Imagine there is a magic formula that attracts new customers like a charm to fun nights in your venue. A magical secret that reveals exactly how to give away inexpensive prizes so you increase your profitability. A person you could hire whose magic words cast a spell on your audience and entice ever more people to come and belong every week …

Imagine if a normally quiet night could bring 50-80 players to your venue.

Some of these people will eat at your restaurant, some will buy drinks at your bar, some will play keno and pokies, some will buy raffle tickets and all will check out “whats on” in your venue on the weekend – wouldn’t you think that was magic?

If you’re wondering how to balance the budget on a shoestring and increase profits – give your venue a magical advantage and join a growing list of successful venues that have used Complete Trivia.

We have venues that have stuck with us for over 20 years – because it works.

Are You Prepared To Build a Loyal Local Customer Group Who Return to Spend Money Weekly?

People are often reluctant to go out on a week night. They don’t want to drink as they do on the weekend, they may not have a lot of money till payday.

They still have to eat however, and lets face it, even with 50 channels on the TV there’s nothing much on most nights.

So if your staff are just standing around and the place is quiet, why not give a weekly trivia quiz comp a go and offer people something fun to do on a weeknight?

Imagine that quiet night brings in sixty players to your venue.

It can do that every week. Or imagine you ran two weekly trivia quiz competitions, a night time comp for workers and a daytime comp for seniors who are retired. That has the potential to bring in an extra 120 people every week.

It’s easier than you think!

Complete Trivia do what we can to ease the starting phase in order to get your first trivia players.

The first six weeks can be slow going and you may only break even. As word gets out about your weekly trivia quiz, you will soon do better. People quickly learn what to expect, they start to have fun, talk about it and ask more friends to come and join them.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself ~ Andy Warhol

Will it work for you? Maybe – maybe not. No-one will guarantee you a profit, too many variables. But you never know ‘tll you try it. Complete Trivia is living, breathing proof that trivia entertainment works…

Complete Trivia is a proven product with a track record for attracting crowds on days and nights when you can hear a pin drop in most pubs and clubs. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. Many of our Quiz Nights have been running continuously every week in the same venue for over 20 years with no sign yet that their popularity is waning.

Who should try a weekly trivia quiz?

Bright people with enquiring minds who like to see people enjoying themselves and want those people in their venue purchasing drinks and meals and coming back for more…

It may sound like a weird way to get more customers but then a Complete Trivia Quiz… is magic!